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Sell perlegkapan graduation

Specification of perlegkapan graduation

Graduation is a special moment for any student. The highly-awaited moment should it be celebrated with full of joy. As a form of tribute to the parawisudawan who has fulfilled the requirements of graduation as an undergraduate, master's, or doctoral degrees in their fields each.


One form of joyous celebration of graduation, the University can give a beautiful toga adalahgaun for parawisudawan. Thus the importance of momenwisuda, sehiguns need university graduation memastikantoga used by parawisudawannya looks elegant and charming

. We are a blessed rizki who engaged in making the toga dress convection.  Toga outfit our production quality and the price is quite affordable. One package that we sell toga dress consists of a hat, cloak, krah/matros toga and necklaces.  Color and design to your liking

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